Other Good Links – the list, tools and Outlining

Well I did say I come across a good blog page or website I would not hold off posting it up here to let all know in a blog post instead of editing one of the others. But maybe I will hold for a bit. Maybe give it a day in case I come across others to add as well. Maybe make a post a day or every other day. Well we shale see then

The First Chapter List – a list of 25 things every novel writer must know about writing that first chapter of your novel. This is from Chuck Windig’s blog Terribleminds . It is a good list  to check out.

Tools for Writers – this is the page from the Poets and Writers magazine. They list jobs, contests, writing prompts, agents, lit mags, small presses, conferences, MFA programs and more. They carefully sifts through piles of claims, statements, and announcements to compile resources with real value to writers.

Well I am glad I held on to this page and didn’t post it as soon as I found one more good link as I heard of another great link for writers on the NaNo forums from Atom to Atom and so want to post it instantly and now I can. I love this page.

Outline your Novel in 30 Minutes – This is form the article of the month by Alicia Rasley back in 1998. It is a quick exercise designed to sketch out the major events of your novel. I read though it and loved it. Wants me to look at her other articles that are linked at the end of this page.

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